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A Good Candy Crush Help To Yield Better Scores In The Game


Candy Crush Saga is undeniably the biggest and most popular smartphone game on the face of the earth to date. Since its advent, Candy Crush has been downloaded more than million times by people from all over the world. But surprisingly, there are a few players of Candy Crush that have become frustrated and annoyed with the game. According to these people, Candy Crush Saga is not an easy game, by any means. As a result, they cursed and made hate posts about the game on social media sites. Little do they know, this game can become relatively easy with the Candy Crush help of an avid gamer. So, if you are stuck in a particular level of the game, you might want to get Candy Crush aid from an expert gamer.


An expert Candy Crush gamer can give a plethora of Candy Crush help and tips. Here are some of the best and most effective techniques you can use in this compelling smartphone game:


Look for higher combinations



Apparently, 3-candy combinations are easier to find than the ones with higher numbers. As a player, there is nothing wrong with pushing through a 3-candy combination. After all, this combination helps add more points to your score. This combination, however, won’t be able to provide with any added benefits. Four-candy and five-candy combinations, on the other hand, allow you to develop special combinations and candies, including wrapped or striped candies and color bombs.


Use the lollipop candies carefully


As you start playing the game, you will be given with a trio of lollipop candies for free. As a player, you should not waste these freebies. Basically, these three lollipop candies are just some of the few freebies that you will receive throughout the entire game.


Don’t take their advice



Candy Crush Saga will suggest a move, specifically when you are taking a lot of time in making a move. While the game’s suggestions may seem a viable option, you should never choose that suggestions. For the most part, the suggested move is the wrong move.


Start below



Start at the bottom of board, instead on the upper part, so can allow more new candies from dropping to the board. The more new candies dropping on your board, the more chances you will have in finding great moves, which will yield higher scores and more combos.